Top 5 Reasons Your Family Needs A Probate Lawyer

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5 Reasons Why Your Family Needs a Probate Lawyer

A probate lawyer can help homeowners and property owners out in more ways than one. Whether you’re in charge of another person’s estate or your own, you need a probate lawyer to help you out. This type of lawyer makes dealing with real estate infinitely easier for you. They also assist in preventing their clients from running into any future problems. It is important that your family sits down with your probate lawyer for living wills, trusts, and insurance beneficiary questions.

Why You Should Get Probate Lawyers

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A probate lawyer serves as the person responsible for probating the estate. In turn, probating an estate involves deciding if a will is accurate and valid. The court decides if a will is valid and probate lawyers assist in ensuring the accuracy of the judgment.

With that in mind, the following showcase the different reasons to get such a lawyer.

Prevent Court Rejection:

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The lawyer files a few documents with the court in order for estate probating to occur. He should fill the documents immediately and correctly. Otherwise, the court could reject these documents outright. Rejection isn’t in the best interests of the people that wish for the will to be executed. Rejected paperwork also entails needing to do more tedious work that delays the probating procedure.

Answer Questions:

The probate lawyer also answers any questions you might have regarding the probate process. What should be done if the deceased loved one has debt? Do all assets require probating or not? Who should be notified in regards to the probate process aside from the lawyer? The probate lawyer has your back when it comes to such inquiries. He’ll answer all your questions and also dispense advice for good measure.

Prevent Claims Against the Estate:

A probate lawyer even ensures that the proper claims on the estate are entertained. Whenever someone dies, usually at least one defendant attempts to make a claim against the estate. The probate attorney ensures to prevent such claims from “rejected” family members not mentioned in the will.

Access the Estate Faster:

With the assistance of the lawyer for probate, he makes probating happen ASAP. Sure, the lengthiness of probate cannot be questioned. It doesn’t last faster than 3-4 months and can take up over a year to finish. Nonetheless, you want to have an attorney present to keep things moving instead of in a standstill.

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Keep the Family from Conflict:

The probate attorney also serves as the peacekeeper of the family. This is especially true in wealthy estates where the children or spouse want to get the lion share of the wealth. Without such a lawyer, many family members will want to become part of the process, which complicates things. This mediator ensures that no tensions will arise and everything is moving smoothly.

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