Qualify for Medicaid – How Do I Know If I Qualify for Medicaid

Medicaid: Qualifications and Tips in Application

Medicaid is a venture of the federal cooperative and state which offers medical coverage to an individual with eligibility. This initiative aims to provide services on health and well-being to the residents of Texas. The following are the mission of this program.

  • Promotion of continuous care
  • Provision of medical home to intended recipients
  • Advocacy of implementing prevention
  • Assurance that Medicaid recipients acquire excellent services for health care

In today’s time, Texas Medicaid offers medical insurance to almost four million Texas residents with low income. Moreover, it provides coverage to 50-percent of the children in the state that needs health insurance.

Medicaid recipients receive their needed healthcare services such as hospital visits, prescriptions, laboratory examinations and x-rays. Furthermore, there are other services such as family planning, drug treatment and mental health care which one can avail.best probate lawyer el paso, el paso, probate attorney, medicaid

How do I know if I Qualify for Medicaid?

Individuals residing in Texas state that is a United States citizen, legal alien or permanent resident can qualify for the program. One is also eligible for Medicaid if a woman is pregnant, relative or parent of a child dependent under the age of 19, possess a disability or older than 65 years old. Moreover, you can also apply if you have a low income but is in need of insurance or health care assistance.

Your qualification depends on the income level and household size. The table below shows that maximum income that per household size. Earning no more than the maximum income makes you an eligible Medicaid recipient.

In the case where a household has greater than eight members, the maximum income increases by 8,276USD per extra person. You may check the guidelines in the government website of the Texas state for more details.

How to Apply for Medicaid

Interested individuals can refer to the official website of the Texas government for the application form. Before commencing your application to Medicaid, you must gather necessary documents first.

The application form consists of required fields such as citizenship, household income and residency. These fields must be completely filled-out in order for the application to progress. The applicant can either submit a filled-out application form online or via mail.

You must remember to provide any document of information with regard to your household assets in order to qualify for medicaid. You may include these information on your application for expedite the approval of your application.